• Natasha Regan

What if I Told You Time is More Valuable Than Money?

Like most people my search for freedom started in Lockdown and I saw a quote as I was browsing online that said “ I don’t want to be rich, I just want the freedom money brings” and it resonated, I’m not saying I would turn down a winning lottery ticket but due to lockdown my time is now valued at a higher price. Most of us have had a lot of time to think over the last 2 years, while the pandemic has surged around us we have been forced to spend time away from work and in our homes questioning our life choices and how much our time is now valued at. I came to realise for the last 8 years I have worked very hard for my current 9-5 I have put my job ahead of my family, nearly lost a marriage, I have missed so many moments because ‘work needed me’ and then it leads me to think how many times have I actually clocked in the overtime, sadly the answer is quite depressing... barely any of it over the 8 years not because I just didn’t want the money, but usually because I felt even though I was working at 110% I still was’nt meeting the company’s expectations so why should I clock the overtime to show the company I am failing ( I was never failing but was made to feel this way, like i owed them something for an apology.) Before Lockdown my time in my eyes was worth well under the national minimum wage, now I value myself and my time at a much higher rate!

During Lockdown I watched numerous people from TikTok, Etsy, Twitch and many more places building businesses or building their brands, people had woken up and realised there was more to life then working everyday with stress you didn’t need so someone else could make a pile of money and we barely survived paying the bills and just managing to exist. Affiliate marketing became huge on TikTok promising a life of endless money and little work some people were successful and others took time to find their own personal skills and build a product or service that people would want to buy. All the way through this process we all learnt how much our time was worth.

Into 2021 and the second lockdown for the U.K and that’s when I decided to take action on all my thoughts from the first one, I had a passion to help small streamers on various platforms teaching them that if you are streaming you are building a brand around yourself, I spent time building social media strategy‘s, video editing to boost engagement & content creation to post on their various accounts when I put my all into doing this I learnt this was my passion, I turned 30 this year and have only just decided what I really want to do as a career, I had found my passion! Same as before more and more new businesses were popping up and I was delving into their socials to find that they needed help in gaining brand visibility online and to gain a social media presence, I knew I could help! So N/R Social Media Management was born, I started building my own socials and this is still a slow process but the key is consistency and a lot of patience, I have delivered numerous Business analytics reports my experience in working retail for the the last 14 years has giving me the perfect insight into what businesses should be looking at, and I was learning all my skills over the years are transferable for my new venture but most importantly I enjoyed what I was doing, cliche I know but I really enjoy seeing other people succeed with my help their success is also my own and I love it!

Thanks to the Lockdowns it has taught me what myself and my time is worth, what is important to me, Family, a career I have a passion for and TIME. I am still in my 9-5 Job but I no longer allow it to consume me, with correct time management I am able to give my 110% but leave on time I no longer apologise for things I had no control over and I go home to my family and enjoy my free time to either do things I enjoy or to spend on NRSMM so one day I can have more time. The only advice I can give for anyone who has their 9-5 and it is not your life, find your passion and follow it, you want to be your own boss start now get the information and resources you need and ask for help when it is needed, do not let your 9-5 consume you to the point your dreams for the future are exactly that...Dreams!

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